The most rewarding thing about my job, is being able to make a difference.  To be able to work with Steve Van Doren, the king of giving back, has put so many things into new perspectives.  Learning to see the bigger picture through life lessons and examples, has made my job so fulfilling.

Friday…  I get a 7am phone call, reminding me about the crisis in Houston.  Steve is fired on all cylinders, and wants me to design shirts to get to the people of Texas.  Once that was sent off to press, I had large scale decals produced for the vehicles, to let the people know that Vans is there to help.

Houston Stay Strong

Monday…  I get an email titled, “need some help!” Steve needed a bunch of art mocked up, as I was informed that he will personally drive out to the affected area.  As much as I shouldn’t have been surprised, I was taken back when I realized the magnitude of just how much Steve would be assisting/donating.

Tuesday…  I checked in with the boss, as he’s proudly wearing his Vans Houston shirt!  He and the crew are getting ready for the drive, as they begin to load the trucks.  3 vehicles, thousands of shoes, socks and shirts, 1 mission!  Make a difference!!!