ALOHA!  About a year ago, I presented an idea to Vans that I knew would be huge for Hawaii.  It was called the “ALOHA SERIES!”  This idea would be a series and a platform to create opportunities for Artists from Hawaii and those of island roots.  Also, for Vans to partner with selected artists, hire them for some collaborations, as well as possible bigger opportunities down the road.

Being an artist myself, I know how hard the lifestyle can be.  Imagine trying to factor in that Hawaii is in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, the market and opportunities to design there are limited, and the worst part is that people are trying to pay you with Musubis or exchange for product lol.  Talk about stacking the odds!  Luckily for me, I happened to come across an opportunity that got me firmly planted in this industry, which allowed me to make a living off it.  Unfortunately, I know those opportunities are far and few back home, so I wanted to create one!

Through the “ALOHA SERIES” my main goal is to give back!  To showcase the amazing talent, and to shine a light on my home state.  To hopefully get these artists some global recognition, by connecting their names with such an iconic brand as Vans and hopefully helping them find their personal opportunity in this industry.

With that said…  If there’s one thing I know, it’s “Hawaii supports Hawaii!”  Friends and family, opportunities are often right in front of us, but the difference is most people don’t act upon or see them.  This “ALOHA SERIES” is one of those opportunities!  It’s up to Hawaii to support it and show Vans that it’s a great idea/movement.  The success of its debut will determine if it can be an ongoing Artist Series, that could live forever.  If we support the artist of today, we will be paving the way for the artist of tomorrow.

Opportunities are often right in front of us, but the difference is most people don’t act upon or see them. ~ Newkon

Please take a trip to your local Hawaii Vans Retail Stores and support this project and your local artist. Post, Repost, Tag, Hashtag, Tweet, buy some gear…  Spread the word!

The “ALOHA SERIES” drops May 1st.  Through this Artist Series, each artist will be individually featured and will be showcased for several months before the next artist is released.  He or she will have a mini capsule, showcasing their art on some apparel and accessories.