About a year and a half ago, I was given the chance of a life time to work personally alongside the one and only Steve Van Doren.  Van’s had created an amazing new position within the company, and that was to be “Steve’s Guy.”  Steve’s guy, you ask?!  Basically, I’m his personal designer and in a nut shell, my job consists of bringing his conceptions to life, as well as designing for the brand as well.

Among my many responsibilities, here are a few of my favorite design projects to date…


My first day on the job I was challenged to create a limited edition, old school radio shoe box for Journeys 30th anniversary.  It was a cool icebreaker, and a fun first project to break me in.


For obvious reasons, being pulled in to design this shirt and flyer was an honor.  Anytime I’m able to give back to Hawaii, I’m all over it!  The best part if this design, was that it opened some avenues of great things to come… Stay tuned!


This graphic was not a hard one, but one that I was proud to create and get behind of.  When there is a tragedy, or a great cause, I’m always motivated to chip in when possible.  Having family, and that of some of my closest friends in the gay community, this one hit home.

Warped Tour

A couple of my biggest responsibilities is the Warped Tour and US Open, where I am largely responsible for what you see at these events.  From merchandise, apparel, branding, advertising, and a lot more…  I’ve got my hands full from concept to delivery.

Although these are just a few things that I’ve listed, being Steve’s guy carries a heavy load.  It’s crazy to think that in my first year, I’ve designed a few hundred items that I’ve seen come to life!  It’s a crazy job, but a job that is so worth it when your report to Steve Van Doren himself.

Be sure to click on the Van’s brand on my site to preview more of my work.  Also, check back as I’ll be posting and blogging a lot of things not included in the portfolio, as well as many of the projects as they hit the market.